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Best Tamales Seattle and the Secret

There are favorites in each kind of food types. These favorites are loved by thousands because in order to be loved their must be something wonderful about them. I am going to discuss a favorite dish today and hope you can make it out to enjoy some tasty tamales.

Tamales are a Mexican staple. I have been eating these wonderful little treats since I was a kid. And yes there are the wonderful chicken and beef kinds that you would find at any Mexican restaurant but, if you get to travel deep inside Mexico or maybe go for dinner at a Mexican’s family home for Christmas and you will know what I am talking about.

There are many more flavors for tamales, sweet made with corn, guava or any kind of fruit. And of course the better and spicier kind, made out of short ribs, squash blossoms, poblano strips or really whatever you will like to put in there.

The secret to the best tamales is the actual masa, just like when making a tortilla. It has to have the right grainy and fluffy texture. By the time you start on the masa you should already have the corn husks, soaked and very clean, make sure its dirt free. Spread masa over the corn husks evenly so when it cooks, it also cooks evenly. Grab a spoon and put in the filling, whatever you like, and wrap and fold. To get a perfectly good tamale it must be cooked over water, also called bain marie a french style of cooking. A steamer works great to do this, set timer and let the magic happen usually about one hour.  No sauce, no cheese needed, simply unfold and enjoy.

Come and join us for the best tamales at Tapatios Mexican Grill located in Newcastle, Washington.  We are located on Coal Creek Parkway with easy access from both I-405 and  I-90; and just a few minutes away from Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Renton, and Kent. Hot, Delicious, and Filling Mexican food can really hit the spot as we move into the fall season and on into winter.