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Gourmet Mexican Restaurant Cuisine

Most people that know Mexican food think of the basic things, enchiladas, tacos, rice and beans. That is what has invaded America in all it’s glory. We can now find these common items anywhere, in pretty much every street in our neighborhood. But really our cuisine is so much more than that. If you travel throughout Mexico you will quickly find that out. Seafood is huge having thousands of miles of coast in the Pacific, Caribbean and the Gulf of course. There are so many flavors, textures, and so rich in ingredients that it has been named an Intangible heritage of humanity.

Such an honor but so deserved, influenced by our ancestors the Mayans and Aztecs. But also the Spanish and of course the Caribbean. Our country is so strategically located where we have the most tremendous ingredients, from the most common beef, chicken and pork. To wild game and interesting things like rabbit and grasshoppers. Huitlacoche is what we call our truffles and they are so rich, and so many things to make from it. We always think outside the box as long as we got the right ingredients, we simply combine, add tons of love, plenty of spice and a great Mexican meal is created and enjoyed to its fullest at your dining room table. Next time you are in the mood for something with lots of spice don’t assume  you will get rice and beans and a thing that looks like a taco. There are so many great dishes at Tapatio coal creek parkway in Newcastle, WA that you can try and will take you south of the border in seconds.

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Mexican Soups Made Only with The Best Ingredients

Soups are so good for you, they taste good, they make your tummy feel good, and can turn a bad day into something a little more bright when you are enjoying a hot bowl of soup. And even though you may not think of it when you are in the mood for soup Mexican Cuisine is very rich in this department and has the most delicious soups out there, that are meant to make your day a whole lot better.

Among my family’s favorite are tortilla soup which by the way is found in tapatio’s menu and is extremely popular, but others that we run as specials sometimes. Lentil soup, chicken soup, sopa de lima, and there are pasta based soups, with noodles, and flavored chicken broth. And of course the cream based soups, like pureed bean, poblano pepper, corn, cilantro and many others.

Just like anything else with Mexican cooking you just have to have the right ingredients, for this matter vital and irreplaceable are tomatoes, onions, chicken broth and cilantro as a garnish. We cannot forget about the caldos which is also a soup but not really a caldo is the juice of something and in this case it’s the actual protein. There is caldo de pollo, caldo de res, caldo de camaron, and pescado. This are usually clear broths in which big bulky vegetables like potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, and chayotes are added. Not a lot of spice but tons of flavor.

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Dried Chillies are Key in the Best Mexican Cooking

Many people when they eat at the best Mexican restaurant in Seattle, after a wonderful meal end up asking themselves, “I wonder what they put in that? I tried making it a home and cannot get the same results”. Chances are they are one of those full of flavor dried chillies that are just about in any of the recipes cooked. Could be ancho, guajillo, pasilla, cascabel, morita, puya, pasilla, mulato, etc or many others that are available although not as common.

The secret to cooking with these is to rehydrate before using them so all the flavors come back to life and your food will taste just the way you want it. If you are making a salsa for a set of tacos, boil the chillies with along with the tomatoes, tomatillos until the tomatoes are soft. Blend with your favorite spices and season with salt.

When making other dishes like picadillo or shredded chicken to make tortas or flautas the chillies are also put in the tomatoes but make sure you strain this sauce because you want a lighter flavor and a lighter color.

The biggest factor when cooking with dried chillies is not to over do it and to pick the right chili for the right food. Some are bolder some are spicier and some are simply for color so, read recipe carefully and use it appropriately. Be sure to visit us in Newcastle, south of Bellevue, and north or Renton. Have fun and enjoy!

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How to Make Healthy Refried Beans

There are ways to make things taste good while keeping them healthy and good for your body.  The information below is intended to give you a bit of advice on how to make healthy refried beans.

I have been to hundreds of Restaurants here in Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, and of course back in Mexico. And I can now say I’ve had my share of beans, refried and not fried, both are good, delicious and sometimes even good for you but there is a secret way to making them just perfect and healthy, which still tastes great and there is way that is the complete opposite.

Refried beans can be made out of just about any bean, black, pinto, peruano, white, whatever your favorite bean is. What is the difference between healthy and unhealthy, simply the fat they are cooked in. I have found that some Restaurants in Seattle still use lard, which is pork fat and really is the unhealthiest of them all. If you want flavorful beans it is alright to once in a while use bacon, render it, and used the fat from it, by simply throwing the beans in there once you have crispy bacon.

So what is the healthiest and still flavorful way to make refried beans, use oil. Corn Oil even Olive Oil and throw it some chopped onions, wait until they caramelize and then throw the beans in there. Wait until they come up to a boil and then go ahead and use one of your kitchen gadgets to smash and get the right consistency.

Pair them up with your favorite dish and be prepared to enjoy a wonderful meal.

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Best Tamales Seattle and the Secret

There are favorites in each kind of food types. These favorites are loved by thousands because in order to be loved their must be something wonderful about them. I am going to discuss a favorite dish today and hope you can make it out to enjoy some tasty tamales.

Tamales are a Mexican staple. I have been eating these wonderful little treats since I was a kid. And yes there are the wonderful chicken and beef kinds that you would find at any Mexican restaurant but, if you get to travel deep inside Mexico or maybe go for dinner at a Mexican’s family home for Christmas and you will know what I am talking about.

There are many more flavors for tamales, sweet made with corn, guava or any kind of fruit. And of course the better and spicier kind, made out of short ribs, squash blossoms, poblano strips or really whatever you will like to put in there.

The secret to the best tamales is the actual masa, just like when making a tortilla. It has to have the right grainy and fluffy texture. By the time you start on the masa you should already have the corn husks, soaked and very clean, make sure its dirt free. Spread masa over the corn husks evenly so when it cooks, it also cooks evenly. Grab a spoon and put in the filling, whatever you like, and wrap and fold. To get a perfectly good tamale it must be cooked over water, also called bain marie a french style of cooking. A steamer works great to do this, set timer and let the magic happen usually about one hour.  No sauce, no cheese needed, simply unfold and enjoy.

Come and join us for the best tamales at Tapatios Mexican Grill located in Newcastle, Washington.  We are located on Coal Creek Parkway with easy access from both I-405 and  I-90; and just a few minutes away from Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Renton, and Kent. Hot, Delicious, and Filling Mexican food can really hit the spot as we move into the fall season and on into winter.

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