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We Take Pride in Our Mexican Cooking Heritage

Most everyone enjoys a good taco, a delicious and juicy carne azada, or a mega burrito. The quality of the ingredients has to be fresh and all the flavors have to pull together to make it absolutely outstanding, and that is exactly what we try to do here at Tapatio Newcastle day in, day out. Mexican Cooking is so much more than a taco and a burrito, it’s so complex and full of tons of ingredients, that have no end to it. Sesame seeds, peppers, chocolate, almonds, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and of course tons of fresh seafood are some of the key ones, that you will find in our menu but not all. It has contributed so much to the culinary world, that along with the most prestigious cuisine like the French, it has been placed on the United Nation’s List of World Heritage.

So few get to make it, and our cooking has because it’s truly a gift from our ancestors. Of course, there is much influence from the Spanish, and we use spices that were brought from South America, Asia and India. But the flavors are indisputable, tangy, rich, spicy, sour and absolutely delicious. Here at our Restaurant we bring you a taste of years in the making, we take so much pride in what we do, because all of our ancestors did. Which ever dish you may have tonight, each one has a history and lots of emotions attached to it, it is all made with love from our kitchen to Bellevue, the entire East Side, and Seattle area.

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Mexican Christmas Recipes

Christmas is only a few days away and you are probably stressed out because you have no idea what to put on that beautiful table of yours on Christmas day or on Christmas Eve, whichever one is that you celebrate, in Mexico usually the big dinner is on Christmas Eve.

So here are some ideas for your menu if you are having a hard time deciding and you want it to taste really good:

Tamales are a good way to start and you want to make this maybe a day before so on the day of your dinner you only have to steam them and have time to get everything else ready. Use turkey, veggies or whatever your favorite fillings are. Make sure you save some of the masa and instead of adding salt add sugar to make sweet tamales which can be filled with guava paste, pineapple, cranberry chutney or whatever pops into your imagination. With tamales the perfect drink is atole, so make this the day of, and simply set it on the table on a pitcher so everyone can help themselves.

A good salad that is just as good as beautiful is the noche buena salad it is bright and purple and simply delicious. This is made by boiling some beets and dicing them. Combine with chopped jicama, orange wedges, nuts, orange juice, olive oil and a tiny bit of sugar. 

If you are in the mood for something that will make your tummy feel good because where you live it’s very cold, like in Seattle and Bellevue, WA where the temperature is quite chilly this time of year, consome de pollo or a shrimp soup it’s what should be on your menu. There are tons of ideas, the important thing is not to overwhelm yourself and plan your menu a few days ahead. Spend lots of time with your family and have a great time.  Feliz Navidad. 

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Mexican Dress History

We have seen this popular item in many places. In Mexican dances all over whether you have been to Mexico or not, on mexican festive days like Cinco de Mayo or Independence Day, and probably even at some school plays. It is a big player when you hear the popular “Mexican hat dance” known in Mexico as the Jarabe Tapatio. It’s the beautiful dress worn by the female dancer that is full of lively colors, tons of life and it just looks like it’s alive when being moved by the hands of the female. This dress is known as the China Poblana dress. The literal translation for this “Chinese Poblana” and what that does mean? Well Chinese we know is someone that is from china, and Poblana is someone that is from the state of Puebla in Mexico, near Mexico city.

How did this name come together? Well the legend goes that a Spanish conquistador brought from the Philippines a young girl from India who might have been at the service of another Spanish official there. This girl was then kidnapped by Portuguese pirates and taken to India, where she escaped and joined a jesuit mission, and where through them she was able to make it back to the Philippines. There she was turned in back to the Spanish Conquistador who then brought her to Mexico known then as “New Spain”. And her last place was where she was sold to a merchant from Puebla as a slave. You can then now imagine how this China Poblana name came about. With her Indian culture this girl named Mirra carried her dresses with her full jewels, and stuff that shines. From there this dress over time has been changed by Mexican women designed to fit their bodies better and to where they feel more comfortable, comfortable enough to dance.

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What is Christmas Like in Mexico?

Christmas is a big celebration all over the world.  It involves different cultures, countries, tons of ways to do things and of course the food pretty much varies in every table of each family that gets together.

So what do the people of Mexico do? What is it like?  What do they eat? How do they make it fun? Well just like everything else they try to make things unique and full of fun accompanied with great food.

The Christmas Season begins in Mexico 9 days before Christmas.  And when I was a little kid this was much known to me because it was the start of the Posadas. The Posadas are assigned parties to a block of the city you leave in.  All the families from that block get together make food, drinks, prepare give away gift bags usually stuffed with peanuts, fruit and candy. And of course prepare a play from a Christmas story.  After wards everyone gets fed usually with tamales, posole, potato fried tacos, and hot drinks like canela which is made from cinnamon, water and sugar or ponche which is a fruit drink. It is at this point where the kid’s get to brake a couple piñatas and then go home.  Usually the adults stay around to a dance or more of chatting and having fun.

And the next day everyone gets ready for another day of fun in another part of town.  These are the memories that stay with every child until their adulthood and it is what we look forward to every year as the Christmas season rolls around.

The Best Mexican Restaurant Bellevue, WA invites you to come enjoy a Margarita or two along with some of our tasty menu items with your friends and family this Holiday season, or you can place an order to go.

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