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The Best Tequila for Margaritas in Seattle

There is a difference with just about everything in this world.  Some things are the best, and today we will review one of those things.  Please take a minute and read below so you can enjoy the benefits.

Tequila was born in the deep Mexican soil. From the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco, in the beginning now there are 5 states that are classified as “denomination of origin” the states are other than Jalisco, Guanajuato, Nayarit, Tamaulipas and Michoacan. Which is where the good  quality tequila comes from.  The drink to be called tequila can only be made by Blue Agave Weber, anything else is simply not.

There are five types: Blanco or Plata, Gold or Young, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo, this is very important to take this into account when you are planning a party or ask for a margarita at a restaurant the best thing to ask for is a Blanco or a Plata.  Always better to ask for a specific brand and have it made natural, this means no sweet and sour and excessive triple sec. A shot of your favorite tequila, limes and a little cointreau is all you need, when you are picking a tequila make sure it’s not too expensive because you just can’t tell the difference.

If you enjoy the taste of tequila, than you really want to enjoy a anejo which is the same as the blanco but it has been aged for at least ten years. Better if poured in to a sniffer glass, just like you would with a cognac and zip to enjoy. Or you can enjoy it by not taking any of the popular Mexican ingredients out of it. Rocks glass, ice, lime, tequila and salt, tastes really good, to make it a Mexican favorite drink simply add grapefruit soda like squirt, known throughout Mexico as the Paloma.

Drink responsible, get creative and share the best signature drink at Tapatio’s Newcastle Mexican Restaurant.  We are located in the Seattle area, south of Bellevue and Mercer Island, and north of Renton and Kent.  Take exit 10 off of I-405 and drive east on Coal Creek Parkway.

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Seattle Aguas Frescas to Compliment the Perfect Mexican Food

With each meal there are things that go along with them to make them be “that much better”. There are things that make the experience better and improve everything.

As with every meal that you eat everyday you have to have some type of drink or beverage to go along with it. If it is breakfast usually coffee or juice and maybe even milk. If it’s lunch maybe a cola drink or any other type of pop and for a healthier version some plain bottled water is very good. Dinner is different where you have more time to enjoy it and can incorporate a glass a wine, a margarita, beer or whatever you may be in the mood for.

There is a great way to add tons of flavor to your food that is still healthy and will certainly make your palette so happy you will want to know more recipes and have something ready everyday. They are the Mexican Aguas Frescas. Literal translation “fresh water” but what does this mean. It means it has to be made with fresh water and super fresh fruit. The most popular flavors and more commonly found are horchata which is made with rice and condensed milk. But there are tons like habiscus water, melon water, guava water, pineapple water, whatever your favorite fruit may be.

Peel, cut fruit and put in blender add fresh water and blend. Usually the natural sugar from the fruit is enough for sweetness but you may add a little bit of sugar if you like it a little sweeter. Served with plenty of ice and enjoy.

That is it simple, delicious and fresh. Eating this with Mexican food particularly tastes great because the hotness and all complex flavors of these great dishes simply make the whole experience more whole.  Next time you are in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, or Newcastle, ask your Mexican Restaurant waitress or waiter what they have offer you will be pleasantly surprised and bring a lot more joy to your meal.

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The Best Margarita Secret

There are secrets about how to do and make most things in life.  Some are good, and others not so good.  We are going to share with you a secret to making a wonderful drink today that will bring you much joy to your life.

Margaritas are simple but delicious. The more basic they are the better they are. Once you start seeing a margarita with too many ingredients, you might want to double think about ordering it. What are the basics to a good margarita? Simple: fresh lime, cointreau, ice and of course the secret ingredient a good quality ingredient.

There are probably thousands of tequilas out in the market today, and chances are that when  you go to the store to get one you will probably be overwhelmed with all the choices, and once you start asking the clerk it may be game over because you will probably be talked in to buying something very expensive.

So what to choose, Margaritas are flavored by lime, salt, and cointreau, so you do not need a top notch tequila. A good choice is a medium quality reposado which is not too pricey and adds tons of flavor to that delicious drink. And yes do not forget your triple sec, but if you want it to taste super good, Cointreau is your best choice.

Next stop, at the supermarket buy good quality fresh, juicy limes, kosher salt for the glass, rim,  and ice. If you do not have margarita glasses regular water glasses work, unless your having a fancy party. Next scoop some ice in to an ice shaker, add a half of lime, if they are not juicy add a whole lime, next tequila, splash of cointreau, and shake it, very well. Pour into the salted glass, add more ice if necessary and enjoy. If you are not in the mood right now to make this, then you can go ahead and visit the best Mexican Restaurant in Seattle where someone else will make it for you and serve it to you, cold and tasty.

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