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Fruits and Seattle Mexican Cooking

When we think of fruits there are certain flavors that come to mind. Sweet, tangy, sour and of course what types of foods we expect them in where they don’t seem foreign like pies, cakes,salads or eaten plain, which is just as delicious.

And you probably also have a very clear picture of what Mexican food should taste like and look like, as well as what ingredients are familiar, like cheese, tortillas, tomatoes, peppers, onions and lime. So what happens when you combine fruit with Mexican food, well you get something that is out of this world Delicious, but definitely uncommon.

To do this you must have a bit of familiarity with fruits that sometimes are hard to find but if fresh are not available the canned do wonders for some types of recipes as well. Fruits to consider are guavas, jicamas, pomegranates, sugar cane, oranges, mandarins, and of course mangoes.  These are available at the best markets right here in Newcastle, Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Renton, and other surrounding areas.

Guavas for example are great to include in pork recipes where you make a simple sauce just like you would with cranberries, great for salads, and of course drinks like atole or ponche which are holiday drinks and are usually made to accompany sweet tamales. Jicamas can be used for pickling with your jalapenos, salads, soups and great for garnishes, I would used it almost just like you use and onion but remembering that it’s quite crunchy.

The important thing is to keep an open mind and don’t let your cooking get old or boring. Always be on the search for new ingredients and new ways to make your food look vibrant and taste great, which is something for all types of cooking not just Mexican cooking.  These are ideas that are only fulfilled at the Best Mexican Restaurants in Bellevue, WA.

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Mexican Cooking Ingredient: The Lime

Limes For Everything?  If you were sat on a table with a number two pencil and a multiple choice question that asked, which is the one key ingredient that you cannot do with out  with Mexican Cooking and were given the choices:

a. Corn
b. Chillies
c. Tomatoes
d. Limes
e. All of the above

Which answer would you pick? Well if you choose a -d, you are correct, but the answer is e, all of the above. All those ingredients are found in just about every single meal. Think about it, a taco. Tortilla for corn, tomatoes and chillies in the salsa and limes to squeeze on top for that extra delicious taste.

Limes are that wonderful sour fruit that makes Mexican food completely outstanding. It is the one key ingredient that is used sometimes as a base for things like Ceviche where the actual protein, fish, shrimp, octopus or seafood that you are using is left standing with a lot of lime juice until it cooks, usually about 2 hours is enough time.

With fruit of course, if you are out and about in any Mexican street and you start to get a little hungry for just a little something, not a full meal, you will see people standing on just about any street corner with bags of chopped cucumbers, jicama, mango, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and many others, where you pick your favorite fruit or a combination of a few, and all you do is add salt, lime and a little powdered chile de arbol, it’s so delicious and so simple.

Next time you visit your local produce store in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Renton, Kent, or Auburn make sure to always pick the freshest, juiciest and you will get incredible results, always remember that a little bit it is sometimes enough, because it is one powerful, delicious fruit. Oh, one more thing.  Don’t forget that the limes are the best garnish for margaritas.

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Chicken Enchilada History

History is a topic that interests many people and that is for a really good reason. We can all learn a lot from history and help us make better decisions today and in the future.

When we go out to Mexican food there is one item that stands out more than anything, and as servers go by and walk around those yummy looking things are enchiladas. And then your mind is made up that is what you will be having for dinner and walk out with a smile. But did you ever sit there and wonder were enchiladas come from? Or what they are really like when you order them in Mexico? Welcome to the Chicken enchilada history.

Well you probably already know that the corn tortilla was developed by the ancient Mexicans the Aztecs, many years ago. A corn tortilla is made with corn masa, water and salt, plain and simple. Once the tortilla is shaped is baked in an oven a ready to eat.

But with enchiladas the literal meaning of enchiladas is spicy; therefore it had to be some sort of spicy tortilla. Yes, this is true a spicy tortilla, but how? Well in actual Mexico they are still made like this, or at least in my grandmother’s house. There is a sauce that is made with several types of dry chilies, tomatoes, and spices, it is all blended together and put through a sieve. Once the sauce is done you are ready to begin. Dip the tortilla in the spicy sauce and then you grill it flat on some light oil, once it’s cooked we add chicken, cabbage, radishes and more spicy sauce, which kind of makes sense of why it’s called an Enchilada, full of spicy sauces.

To have the best chicken enchilada this is the way it has to be made, to be an actual enchilada. The enchilada version in the United States has been modified a bit, but still made very similar, only difference being is that the sauce is not spicy and we now melt cheese on it, just as yummy but not much of a spice. Either way, order it today at your favorite local Mexican Restaurant in Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Renton, or Newcastle just how you like it, the important part is that you enjoy it.

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Red Deliciousness, Indispensable in Mexican Cooking

Cooking with certain foods can either make or break a recipe. We are going to share with you an easy and simple way to always have your recipe come out out correctly.

Tomatoes are indigenous to South America, but it was the Aztecs of Mexico city the first ones that cultivated them, and basing most of their culinary creations with these wonderful vegetables. Tomatoes are involved in just about every single Mexican recipe. Salsas, soups, broths, and for adding flavor to just about anything.

If chopped salsa is being made more well-known for it’s american name of Pico de Gallo, than Roma tomatoes are best. Make sure they are not too soft, and that they are super red. For the best flavor, they are best when not refrigerated.

For salsa, like molcajete or any other type of blended salsa, then this is where you can use older tomatoes. Soft,is ok since they are going straight to the pot to be boiled with fresh water and dried chillis.

For making spanish rice, simply chop a couple of this no matter what you have on hand and fry them up with onions in just a little bit of oil. This strategy is used for just about most other recipes, like soups or when you are making picadillo, of course not forgetting to add all the spices that will give them their unique and wonderful flavor.

Same type of strategy can be used when you are cooking with tomatillos, but with these when making the best salsa in Seattle make sure the peel is taken off, and then boil with a bit of baking soda, for only about 5 minutes. Then toss that water and start boiling again until fully cooked with more clean water.

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