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Chicken Enchilada History

History is a topic that interests many people and that is for a really good reason. We can all learn a lot from history and help us make better decisions today and in the future.

When we go out to Mexican food there is one item that stands out more than anything, and as servers go by and walk around those yummy looking things are enchiladas. And then your mind is made up that is what you will be having for dinner and walk out with a smile. But did you ever sit there and wonder were enchiladas come from? Or what they are really like when you order them in Mexico? Welcome to the Chicken enchilada history.

Well you probably already know that the corn tortilla was developed by the ancient Mexicans the Aztecs, many years ago. A corn tortilla is made with corn masa, water and salt, plain and simple. Once the tortilla is shaped is baked in an oven a ready to eat.

But with enchiladas the literal meaning of enchiladas is spicy; therefore it had to be some sort of spicy tortilla. Yes, this is true a spicy tortilla, but how? Well in actual Mexico they are still made like this, or at least in my grandmother’s house. There is a sauce that is made with several types of dry chilies, tomatoes, and spices, it is all blended together and put through a sieve. Once the sauce is done you are ready to begin. Dip the tortilla in the spicy sauce and then you grill it flat on some light oil, once it’s cooked we add chicken, cabbage, radishes and more spicy sauce, which kind of makes sense of why it’s called an Enchilada, full of spicy sauces.

To have the best chicken enchilada this is the way it has to be made, to be an actual enchilada. The enchilada version in the United States has been modified a bit, but still made very similar, only difference being is that the sauce is not spicy and we now melt cheese on it, just as yummy but not much of a spice. Either way, order it today at your favorite local Mexican Restaurant in Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Renton, or Newcastle just how you like it, the important part is that you enjoy it.