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Dried Chillies are Key in the Best Mexican Cooking

Many people when they eat at the best Mexican restaurant in Seattle, after a wonderful meal end up asking themselves, “I wonder what they put in that? I tried making it a home and cannot get the same results”. Chances are they are one of those full of flavor dried chillies that are just about in any of the recipes cooked. Could be ancho, guajillo, pasilla, cascabel, morita, puya, pasilla, mulato, etc or many others that are available although not as common.

The secret to cooking with these is to rehydrate before using them so all the flavors come back to life and your food will taste just the way you want it. If you are making a salsa for a set of tacos, boil the chillies with along with the tomatoes, tomatillos until the tomatoes are soft. Blend with your favorite spices and season with salt.

When making other dishes like picadillo or shredded chicken to make tortas or flautas the chillies are also put in the tomatoes but make sure you strain this sauce because you want a lighter flavor and a lighter color.

The biggest factor when cooking with dried chillies is not to over do it and to pick the right chili for the right food. Some are bolder some are spicier and some are simply for color so, read recipe carefully and use it appropriately. Be sure to visit us in Newcastle, south of Bellevue, and north or Renton. Have fun and enjoy!