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How to Make Healthy Refried Beans

There are ways to make things taste good while keeping them healthy and good for your body.  The information below is intended to give you a bit of advice on how to make healthy refried beans.

I have been to hundreds of Restaurants here in Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, and of course back in Mexico. And I can now say I’ve had my share of beans, refried and not fried, both are good, delicious and sometimes even good for you but there is a secret way to making them just perfect and healthy, which still tastes great and there is way that is the complete opposite.

Refried beans can be made out of just about any bean, black, pinto, peruano, white, whatever your favorite bean is. What is the difference between healthy and unhealthy, simply the fat they are cooked in. I have found that some Restaurants in Seattle still use lard, which is pork fat and really is the unhealthiest of them all. If you want flavorful beans it is alright to once in a while use bacon, render it, and used the fat from it, by simply throwing the beans in there once you have crispy bacon.

So what is the healthiest and still flavorful way to make refried beans, use oil. Corn Oil even Olive Oil and throw it some chopped onions, wait until they caramelize and then throw the beans in there. Wait until they come up to a boil and then go ahead and use one of your kitchen gadgets to smash and get the right consistency.

Pair them up with your favorite dish and be prepared to enjoy a wonderful meal.