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Mexican Christmas Recipes

Christmas is only a few days away and you are probably stressed out because you have no idea what to put on that beautiful table of yours on Christmas day or on Christmas Eve, whichever one is that you celebrate, in Mexico usually the big dinner is on Christmas Eve.

So here are some ideas for your menu if you are having a hard time deciding and you want it to taste really good:

Tamales are a good way to start and you want to make this maybe a day before so on the day of your dinner you only have to steam them and have time to get everything else ready. Use turkey, veggies or whatever your favorite fillings are. Make sure you save some of the masa and instead of adding salt add sugar to make sweet tamales which can be filled with guava paste, pineapple, cranberry chutney or whatever pops into your imagination. With tamales the perfect drink is atole, so make this the day of, and simply set it on the table on a pitcher so everyone can help themselves.

A good salad that is just as good as beautiful is the noche buena salad it is bright and purple and simply delicious. This is made by boiling some beets and dicing them. Combine with chopped jicama, orange wedges, nuts, orange juice, olive oil and a tiny bit of sugar. 

If you are in the mood for something that will make your tummy feel good because where you live it’s very cold, like in Seattle and Bellevue, WA where the temperature is quite chilly this time of year, consome de pollo or a shrimp soup it’s what should be on your menu. There are tons of ideas, the important thing is not to overwhelm yourself and plan your menu a few days ahead. Spend lots of time with your family and have a great time.  Feliz Navidad.