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Mexican Cooking Ingredient: The Lime

Limes For Everything?  If you were sat on a table with a number two pencil and a multiple choice question that asked, which is the one key ingredient that you cannot do with out  with Mexican Cooking and were given the choices:

a. Corn
b. Chillies
c. Tomatoes
d. Limes
e. All of the above

Which answer would you pick? Well if you choose a -d, you are correct, but the answer is e, all of the above. All those ingredients are found in just about every single meal. Think about it, a taco. Tortilla for corn, tomatoes and chillies in the salsa and limes to squeeze on top for that extra delicious taste.

Limes are that wonderful sour fruit that makes Mexican food completely outstanding. It is the one key ingredient that is used sometimes as a base for things like Ceviche where the actual protein, fish, shrimp, octopus or seafood that you are using is left standing with a lot of lime juice until it cooks, usually about 2 hours is enough time.

With fruit of course, if you are out and about in any Mexican street and you start to get a little hungry for just a little something, not a full meal, you will see people standing on just about any street corner with bags of chopped cucumbers, jicama, mango, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and many others, where you pick your favorite fruit or a combination of a few, and all you do is add salt, lime and a little powdered chile de arbol, it’s so delicious and so simple.

Next time you visit your local produce store in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Renton, Kent, or Auburn make sure to always pick the freshest, juiciest and you will get incredible results, always remember that a little bit it is sometimes enough, because it is one powerful, delicious fruit. Oh, one more thing.  Don’t forget that the limes are the best garnish for margaritas.