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Mexican Cooking Ingredient: The Lime

Limes For Everything?  If you were sat on a table with a number two pencil and a multiple choice question that asked, which is the one key ingredient that you cannot do with out  with Mexican Cooking and were given the choices:

a. Corn
b. Chillies
c. Tomatoes
d. Limes
e. All of the above

Which answer would you pick? Well if you choose a -d, you are correct, but the answer is e, all of the above. All those ingredients are found in just about every single meal. Think about it, a taco. Tortilla for corn, tomatoes and chillies in the salsa and limes to squeeze on top for that extra delicious taste.

Limes are that wonderful sour fruit that makes Mexican food completely outstanding. It is the one key ingredient that is used sometimes as a base for things like Ceviche where the actual protein, fish, shrimp, octopus or seafood that you are using is left standing with a lot of lime juice until it cooks, usually about 2 hours is enough time.

With fruit of course, if you are out and about in any Mexican street and you start to get a little hungry for just a little something, not a full meal, you will see people standing on just about any street corner with bags of chopped cucumbers, jicama, mango, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and many others, where you pick your favorite fruit or a combination of a few, and all you do is add salt, lime and a little powdered chile de arbol, it’s so delicious and so simple.

Next time you visit your local produce store in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Renton, Kent, or Auburn make sure to always pick the freshest, juiciest and you will get incredible results, always remember that a little bit it is sometimes enough, because it is one powerful, delicious fruit. Oh, one more thing.  Don’t forget that the limes are the best garnish for margaritas.

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Best Tamales Seattle and the Secret

There are favorites in each kind of food types. These favorites are loved by thousands because in order to be loved their must be something wonderful about them. I am going to discuss a favorite dish today and hope you can make it out to enjoy some tasty tamales.

Tamales are a Mexican staple. I have been eating these wonderful little treats since I was a kid. And yes there are the wonderful chicken and beef kinds that you would find at any Mexican restaurant but, if you get to travel deep inside Mexico or maybe go for dinner at a Mexican’s family home for Christmas and you will know what I am talking about.

There are many more flavors for tamales, sweet made with corn, guava or any kind of fruit. And of course the better and spicier kind, made out of short ribs, squash blossoms, poblano strips or really whatever you will like to put in there.

The secret to the best tamales is the actual masa, just like when making a tortilla. It has to have the right grainy and fluffy texture. By the time you start on the masa you should already have the corn husks, soaked and very clean, make sure its dirt free. Spread masa over the corn husks evenly so when it cooks, it also cooks evenly. Grab a spoon and put in the filling, whatever you like, and wrap and fold. To get a perfectly good tamale it must be cooked over water, also called bain marie a french style of cooking. A steamer works great to do this, set timer and let the magic happen usually about one hour.  No sauce, no cheese needed, simply unfold and enjoy.

Come and join us for the best tamales at Tapatios Mexican Grill located in Newcastle, Washington.  We are located on Coal Creek Parkway with easy access from both I-405 and  I-90; and just a few minutes away from Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Renton, and Kent. Hot, Delicious, and Filling Mexican food can really hit the spot as we move into the fall season and on into winter.

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Chicken Enchilada History

History is a topic that interests many people and that is for a really good reason. We can all learn a lot from history and help us make better decisions today and in the future.

When we go out to Mexican food there is one item that stands out more than anything, and as servers go by and walk around those yummy looking things are enchiladas. And then your mind is made up that is what you will be having for dinner and walk out with a smile. But did you ever sit there and wonder were enchiladas come from? Or what they are really like when you order them in Mexico? Welcome to the Chicken enchilada history.

Well you probably already know that the corn tortilla was developed by the ancient Mexicans the Aztecs, many years ago. A corn tortilla is made with corn masa, water and salt, plain and simple. Once the tortilla is shaped is baked in an oven a ready to eat.

But with enchiladas the literal meaning of enchiladas is spicy; therefore it had to be some sort of spicy tortilla. Yes, this is true a spicy tortilla, but how? Well in actual Mexico they are still made like this, or at least in my grandmother’s house. There is a sauce that is made with several types of dry chilies, tomatoes, and spices, it is all blended together and put through a sieve. Once the sauce is done you are ready to begin. Dip the tortilla in the spicy sauce and then you grill it flat on some light oil, once it’s cooked we add chicken, cabbage, radishes and more spicy sauce, which kind of makes sense of why it’s called an Enchilada, full of spicy sauces.

To have the best chicken enchilada this is the way it has to be made, to be an actual enchilada. The enchilada version in the United States has been modified a bit, but still made very similar, only difference being is that the sauce is not spicy and we now melt cheese on it, just as yummy but not much of a spice. Either way, order it today at your favorite local Mexican Restaurant in Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Renton, or Newcastle just how you like it, the important part is that you enjoy it.

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Seattle Aguas Frescas to Compliment the Perfect Mexican Food

With each meal there are things that go along with them to make them be “that much better”. There are things that make the experience better and improve everything.

As with every meal that you eat everyday you have to have some type of drink or beverage to go along with it. If it is breakfast usually coffee or juice and maybe even milk. If it’s lunch maybe a cola drink or any other type of pop and for a healthier version some plain bottled water is very good. Dinner is different where you have more time to enjoy it and can incorporate a glass a wine, a margarita, beer or whatever you may be in the mood for.

There is a great way to add tons of flavor to your food that is still healthy and will certainly make your palette so happy you will want to know more recipes and have something ready everyday. They are the Mexican Aguas Frescas. Literal translation “fresh water” but what does this mean. It means it has to be made with fresh water and super fresh fruit. The most popular flavors and more commonly found are horchata which is made with rice and condensed milk. But there are tons like habiscus water, melon water, guava water, pineapple water, whatever your favorite fruit may be.

Peel, cut fruit and put in blender add fresh water and blend. Usually the natural sugar from the fruit is enough for sweetness but you may add a little bit of sugar if you like it a little sweeter. Served with plenty of ice and enjoy.

That is it simple, delicious and fresh. Eating this with Mexican food particularly tastes great because the hotness and all complex flavors of these great dishes simply make the whole experience more whole.  Next time you are in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, or Newcastle, ask your Mexican Restaurant waitress or waiter what they have offer you will be pleasantly surprised and bring a lot more joy to your meal.

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Red Deliciousness, Indispensable in Mexican Cooking

Cooking with certain foods can either make or break a recipe. We are going to share with you an easy and simple way to always have your recipe come out out correctly.

Tomatoes are indigenous to South America, but it was the Aztecs of Mexico city the first ones that cultivated them, and basing most of their culinary creations with these wonderful vegetables. Tomatoes are involved in just about every single Mexican recipe. Salsas, soups, broths, and for adding flavor to just about anything.

If chopped salsa is being made more well-known for it’s american name of Pico de Gallo, than Roma tomatoes are best. Make sure they are not too soft, and that they are super red. For the best flavor, they are best when not refrigerated.

For salsa, like molcajete or any other type of blended salsa, then this is where you can use older tomatoes. Soft,is ok since they are going straight to the pot to be boiled with fresh water and dried chillis.

For making spanish rice, simply chop a couple of this no matter what you have on hand and fry them up with onions in just a little bit of oil. This strategy is used for just about most other recipes, like soups or when you are making picadillo, of course not forgetting to add all the spices that will give them their unique and wonderful flavor.

Same type of strategy can be used when you are cooking with tomatillos, but with these when making the best salsa in Seattle make sure the peel is taken off, and then boil with a bit of baking soda, for only about 5 minutes. Then toss that water and start boiling again until fully cooked with more clean water.

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The Best Margarita Secret

There are secrets about how to do and make most things in life.  Some are good, and others not so good.  We are going to share with you a secret to making a wonderful drink today that will bring you much joy to your life.

Margaritas are simple but delicious. The more basic they are the better they are. Once you start seeing a margarita with too many ingredients, you might want to double think about ordering it. What are the basics to a good margarita? Simple: fresh lime, cointreau, ice and of course the secret ingredient a good quality ingredient.

There are probably thousands of tequilas out in the market today, and chances are that when  you go to the store to get one you will probably be overwhelmed with all the choices, and once you start asking the clerk it may be game over because you will probably be talked in to buying something very expensive.

So what to choose, Margaritas are flavored by lime, salt, and cointreau, so you do not need a top notch tequila. A good choice is a medium quality reposado which is not too pricey and adds tons of flavor to that delicious drink. And yes do not forget your triple sec, but if you want it to taste super good, Cointreau is your best choice.

Next stop, at the supermarket buy good quality fresh, juicy limes, kosher salt for the glass, rim,  and ice. If you do not have margarita glasses regular water glasses work, unless your having a fancy party. Next scoop some ice in to an ice shaker, add a half of lime, if they are not juicy add a whole lime, next tequila, splash of cointreau, and shake it, very well. Pour into the salted glass, add more ice if necessary and enjoy. If you are not in the mood right now to make this, then you can go ahead and visit the best Mexican Restaurant in Seattle where someone else will make it for you and serve it to you, cold and tasty.

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What Does Tapatio Mean?

Definitions are important because it makes you more knowledgeable.  In the English language there can be a few different definitions to a word, and when the word is translated there can be many, many different meanings.

Tapatio what is the actual meaning of the word? Well it’s simple and something that We the Tapatio family are very proud about.  If you are familiar with Mexican geography, the city where this evolved is Guadalajara the second biggest city in Mexico. Now with a population of about 4.5 million living there right now.

Guadalajara is a very colonial city and the people there have always tried to be different. This wonderful city is the birthplace of Mariachi and the big sombrero hat. Rich in culture, and of course in the kitchen. The cuisine of Jalisco the state where Guadalajara is in, is very different that what you find in the rest of Mexico. Tons of dried chilies are used for enchiladas, posole and of course barbacoa.

Back to what the meaning of Tapatio is, it’s what you would call anyone that introduced themselves as being from Guadalajara. People from Guadalajara are called Tapatio’s, it involves their culture, cuisine, pride and of course how they party.

Next time you are in Mexico make sure you visit this great city, you will infuse yourself in Mexican culture, but what is best Tapatio Culture, but if you want  a taste of it now, without traveling three thousand miles the best Mexican Restaurant Seattle, Tapatio Newcastle is a very good alternative, where we will treat you like you are family.

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