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Red Deliciousness, Indispensable in Mexican Cooking

Cooking with certain foods can either make or break a recipe. We are going to share with you an easy and simple way to always have your recipe come out out correctly.

Tomatoes are indigenous to South America, but it was the Aztecs of Mexico city the first ones that cultivated them, and basing most of their culinary creations with these wonderful vegetables. Tomatoes are involved in just about every single Mexican recipe. Salsas, soups, broths, and for adding flavor to just about anything.

If chopped salsa is being made more well-known for it’s american name of Pico de Gallo, than Roma tomatoes are best. Make sure they are not too soft, and that they are super red. For the best flavor, they are best when not refrigerated.

For salsa, like molcajete or any other type of blended salsa, then this is where you can use older tomatoes. Soft,is ok since they are going straight to the pot to be boiled with fresh water and dried chillis.

For making spanish rice, simply chop a couple of this no matter what you have on hand and fry them up with onions in just a little bit of oil. This strategy is used for just about most other recipes, like soups or when you are making picadillo, of course not forgetting to add all the spices that will give them their unique and wonderful flavor.

Same type of strategy can be used when you are cooking with tomatillos, but with these when making the best salsa in Seattle make sure the peel is taken off, and then boil with a bit of baking soda, for only about 5 minutes. Then toss that water and start boiling again until fully cooked with more clean water.