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Mexican Soups Made Only with The Best Ingredients

Soups are so good for you, they taste good, they make your tummy feel good, and can turn a bad day into something a little more bright when you are enjoying a hot bowl of soup. And even though you may not think of it when you are in the mood for soup Mexican Cuisine is very rich in this department and has the most delicious soups out there, that are meant to make your day a whole lot better.

Among my family’s favorite are tortilla soup which by the way is found in tapatio’s menu and is extremely popular, but others that we run as specials sometimes. Lentil soup, chicken soup, sopa de lima, and there are pasta based soups, with noodles, and flavored chicken broth. And of course the cream based soups, like pureed bean, poblano pepper, corn, cilantro and many others.

Just like anything else with Mexican cooking you just have to have the right ingredients, for this matter vital and irreplaceable are tomatoes, onions, chicken broth and cilantro as a garnish. We cannot forget about the caldos which is also a soup but not really a caldo is the juice of something and in this case it’s the actual protein. There is caldo de pollo, caldo de res, caldo de camaron, and pescado. This are usually clear broths in which big bulky vegetables like potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, and chayotes are added. Not a lot of spice but tons of flavor.