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The Best Margarita Secret

There are secrets about how to do and make most things in life.  Some are good, and others not so good.  We are going to share with you a secret to making a wonderful drink today that will bring you much joy to your life.

Margaritas are simple but delicious. The more basic they are the better they are. Once you start seeing a margarita with too many ingredients, you might want to double think about ordering it. What are the basics to a good margarita? Simple: fresh lime, cointreau, ice and of course the secret ingredient a good quality ingredient.

There are probably thousands of tequilas out in the market today, and chances are that when  you go to the store to get one you will probably be overwhelmed with all the choices, and once you start asking the clerk it may be game over because you will probably be talked in to buying something very expensive.

So what to choose, Margaritas are flavored by lime, salt, and cointreau, so you do not need a top notch tequila. A good choice is a medium quality reposado which is not too pricey and adds tons of flavor to that delicious drink. And yes do not forget your triple sec, but if you want it to taste super good, Cointreau is your best choice.

Next stop, at the supermarket buy good quality fresh, juicy limes, kosher salt for the glass, rim,  and ice. If you do not have margarita glasses regular water glasses work, unless your having a fancy party. Next scoop some ice in to an ice shaker, add a half of lime, if they are not juicy add a whole lime, next tequila, splash of cointreau, and shake it, very well. Pour into the salted glass, add more ice if necessary and enjoy. If you are not in the mood right now to make this, then you can go ahead and visit the best Mexican Restaurant in Seattle where someone else will make it for you and serve it to you, cold and tasty.