Great tasting Mexican food in Seattle that is authentic and fresh. Come enjoy our Tapatio restaurant today!

We Take Pride in Our Mexican Cooking Heritage

Most everyone enjoys a good taco, a delicious and juicy carne azada, or a mega burrito. The quality of the ingredients has to be fresh and all the flavors have to pull together to make it absolutely outstanding, and that is exactly what we try to do here at Tapatio Newcastle day in, day out. Mexican Cooking is so much more than a taco and a burrito, it’s so complex and full of tons of ingredients, that have no end to it. Sesame seeds, peppers, chocolate, almonds, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and of course tons of fresh seafood are some of the key ones, that you will find in our menu but not all. It has contributed so much to the culinary world, that along with the most prestigious cuisine like the French, it has been placed on the United Nation’s List of World Heritage.

So few get to make it, and our cooking has because it’s truly a gift from our ancestors. Of course, there is much influence from the Spanish, and we use spices that were brought from South America, Asia and India. But the flavors are indisputable, tangy, rich, spicy, sour and absolutely delicious. Here at our Restaurant we bring you a taste of years in the making, we take so much pride in what we do, because all of our ancestors did. Which ever dish you may have tonight, each one has a history and lots of emotions attached to it, it is all made with love from our kitchen to Bellevue, the entire East Side, and Seattle area.