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What Does Tapatio Mean?

Definitions are important because it makes you more knowledgeable.  In the English language there can be a few different definitions to a word, and when the word is translated there can be many, many different meanings.

Tapatio what is the actual meaning of the word? Well it’s simple and something that We the Tapatio family are very proud about.  If you are familiar with Mexican geography, the city where this evolved is Guadalajara the second biggest city in Mexico. Now with a population of about 4.5 million living there right now.

Guadalajara is a very colonial city and the people there have always tried to be different. This wonderful city is the birthplace of Mariachi and the big sombrero hat. Rich in culture, and of course in the kitchen. The cuisine of Jalisco the state where Guadalajara is in, is very different that what you find in the rest of Mexico. Tons of dried chilies are used for enchiladas, posole and of course barbacoa.

Back to what the meaning of Tapatio is, it’s what you would call anyone that introduced themselves as being from Guadalajara. People from Guadalajara are called Tapatio’s, it involves their culture, cuisine, pride and of course how they party.

Next time you are in Mexico make sure you visit this great city, you will infuse yourself in Mexican culture, but what is best Tapatio Culture, but if you want  a taste of it now, without traveling three thousand miles the best Mexican Restaurant Seattle, Tapatio Newcastle is a very good alternative, where we will treat you like you are family.