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What is Christmas Like in Mexico?

Christmas is a big celebration all over the world.  It involves different cultures, countries, tons of ways to do things and of course the food pretty much varies in every table of each family that gets together.

So what do the people of Mexico do? What is it like?  What do they eat? How do they make it fun? Well just like everything else they try to make things unique and full of fun accompanied with great food.

The Christmas Season begins in Mexico 9 days before Christmas.  And when I was a little kid this was much known to me because it was the start of the Posadas. The Posadas are assigned parties to a block of the city you leave in.  All the families from that block get together make food, drinks, prepare give away gift bags usually stuffed with peanuts, fruit and candy. And of course prepare a play from a Christmas story.  After wards everyone gets fed usually with tamales, posole, potato fried tacos, and hot drinks like canela which is made from cinnamon, water and sugar or ponche which is a fruit drink. It is at this point where the kid’s get to brake a couple piñatas and then go home.  Usually the adults stay around to a dance or more of chatting and having fun.

And the next day everyone gets ready for another day of fun in another part of town.  These are the memories that stay with every child until their adulthood and it is what we look forward to every year as the Christmas season rolls around.

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