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1800 cristalino 1.75

Dont miss out on a chance to own one of these beautiful collection worthy bottles... crystal-clear añejo tequila with deceptive depth, presented in a stunning crystalline bottle. Since releasing the first añejo tequila on the market in 1800 Añejo, 1800 continues to drive innovation with this beautiful contradiction of a spirit. 1800 Cristalino is aged in both American and French oak barrels for 16 months, after which the liquid is married together and finished in Port Wine casks for an additional 6 months. It is then meticulously filtered via a unique process that adds smoothness without sacrificing taste. The result is a spirit with all the complexity of an añejo tequila, and the silky smooth drinkability of a silver. Retails at 135 at total wine up to $200 online..
Bottle looks great and it lights up! Perfect for your bar and impress your guests. 

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