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Blancos TEQUILA - Tequila & Mezcal

Batanga Blanco


An award-winning premium 100% agave reposado tequila from one of the four founding families of Tequila.

In the western Mexico town of Tequila, there's a small nondescript cantina called La Capilla - home of the Batanga, a simple drink created in the 1950's by Don Javier Degado Corona, the bar's owner. The Batanga is simple: nothing more than tequila, coke and fresh lime juice, served in a tall glass with a salted rim. But as Don Javier will tell you, it's flavour isn't only in the ingredients - it's the big knife, which he uses to stir the cocktail, that's the secret to the perfect Batanga.

Batanga Tequila is traditionally distilled using 100% agave grown on one estate in the heart of Jalisco in Mexico. Only the best agave is used, the piñas are traditionally backed using brick ovens to guarantee the taste and flavour profile followed by fermentation. The yeast is produced locally at the distillery using the original formula from over 80 years ago. Only pot stills with an internal coverage of copper in the coil are used in the process. 

Classic and expressive on the nose with intense typical earthy agave notes of pepper, herbs and mint. Fresh and lively in the mouth with a clean and vivid profile and long finish.

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